Jan 10, 2022

4 Tips For Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things Post Christmas

Posted by Chad Skerritt

Posted by Chad Skerritt

New Year, New Me, we have all heard it and even said it to ourselves a million times. 

Come the start of January we try to overhaul our whole life, changing a hundred things that once. This New Year be kind to yourself and make one small change per week over the month of January and we are here to give you some ideas.

Week 1 - Plan One Goal To Complete Before The End Of The Year. 

Make it a fun one, it doesn’t have to be run an ultra marathon unless that is what you are into. It could be to travel to a new place you have never been before, run your first 5km or hike a mountain in Ireland that you have seen all over Instagram but have never done. We may be slightly biased but we think the best hikes are in Kerry! 

Set yourself a date or a month you want to complete this by and go for it. 

Week 2 - Increase Your Water Intake

We all know the benefits of increasing our water intake, but it is the consistency of the water intake that will really make the difference. Start with a good reusable water bottle! Why not check out our All Real ones here.

Once you have got the bottle slowly over time increase the amount of water you are drinking every day. There is no point in going from one glass of water to 3L overnight! Just like anything slow and steady wins the race. 

Also, a quick tip, if you just find drinking water plain boring why not buy some sugar-free dilute to add to your drink such as MyWadi or Robinsons! 

Week 3 - Increase your Step Count 

10K steps a day, that is usually the golden rule, right? Well if you work a 9-5 Monday to Friday desk job or are on the road for work all day, that can make it a little harder! Why not try and get out before your day even starts, maybe a morning run or walk to get ahead of your day, maybe walk to get lunch instead of taking the car, or a personal favourite of mine, if possible that a work call while on a walk. It is all about planning out your day and in no time you will get those steps up without even realising it. 

Week 4 - Increase your Protein Intake 

We know it can be hard to get good quality protein into your diet, sometimes having another chicken breast on your plate isn’t very appealing. But there are some great ways to increase your intake that is much more appealing 

  1. Breakfast, why not swap out your morning cereal for some eggs. Scrambled, fried, or in an omelette, it is up to you
  2. Greek yoghurt is the perfect desk snack! Add some berries or some granola and you have a quick, easy, and delicious snack
  3. Not a fan of meat, try adding Tofu into your diet, it is a great source of protein and works lovely in a salad
  4. And last but not least pick up an All Real Bar with 20g of protein it is the perfect on-the-go snack, be it on the way back from the gym, a long car ride, or even on a hike up your favourite mountain. Pick up yours here today

Start slow, and make small consistent changes and you will be so surprised what you can achieve in 12 months. 

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