Sep 24, 2021

Couch To 5K Training Program - Top Tips

Posted by Niall Harty

Posted by Niall Harty

On Monday the 27th of September we are kicking off our All Real Couch to 5K training plan in the lead up to the Brandon Bay Run 2021! This program will take you from beginner to 5K race runner in 4 weeks. 

The Brandon Bay Run is Ireland’s first all-beach running event, happening on the October bank holiday weekend! With the release of their new 5KM distance, we decided there was no better time to dust off those runners and get our community together to take on our 4 week Couch to 5K training plan. 

The training plan was created by our ambassador Shane Finn who is no stranger to a bit of running himself. 

Above is our 4-week training plan which will get you from the Couch to 5K.


Shane Finn’s Top Tips for Beginner Runners

  • Run To Time

Running to time rather than distance when starting out can be beneficial. It takes the pressure off having to hit certain distances and splits. You can focus on running easy, aerobically, and within yourself!

  • Practice Pacing 

At the start don’t make it overly “hard” or strenuous. People often fall into the no pain no gain mentality, but when it comes to starting your running journey this is not good advice!

Keep it easy at the start and run within yourself. 

  • Learn to Listen

As you start running more regularly you will experience some fatigue and tiredness. It is crucial that you listen to your body at all times and keep on top of your recovery. The best training you can do is the training you can recover from!


Real Runner, Real Impact

For every person who participates in our All Real Couch to 5K, we will remove 5,000 plastic bottles from the ocean on your behalf via donating to the All Real Impact project. 


So What’s Next? 

Save the plan to your phone to stay on track, and follow along on Instagram @eatallreal as our Co-Founder Niall takes on the training program himself. After all, keeping active is so much easier and more fun when you’re in it with someone else! We’ll also be sharing updates and tips to help you get the most out of your training. Good luck!


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