Jul 14, 2022

Plastic Free July: 8 ways to reduce single use plastic

Posted by Chad Skerritt

Posted by Chad Skerritt

Here at All Real, preventing plastic pollution is one of our top priorities! Thanks to the All Real Impact Project, we have the opportunity to make a real difference to the world around us. However, it goes without saying that we also like to practice our mission in our day to day lives. We want to encourage our amazing customers (that’s you!) to do the same. Here are our 8 top tips to reduce single use plastic:


Reusable shopping bags

Invest in some strong, reusable shopping bags to save you from buying brand new plastic ones each time you head to the shop. Keep them by your door so that you don’t forget them when you leave your house!


Reusable coffee cups

These are a great gift too! Bringing one with you when you’re heading out is a great way to avoid coffee cups that aren’t recyclable. Some cafes even offer discounts for customers who bring their own mug - it’s a win win!

Bring your own straw

You can pick up metal straws in most stores now or you can order them online. Pop one in your bag and keep one in your car so that you can avoid taking plastic straws when possible. Let’s face it, those paper straws are no good…

Avoid bottled water

There’s a lot to be said for a good reusable water bottle. Not only do you prevent plastic waste, but you save money, and your water actually stays cool! There are lots of different options, we even have an All Real one available here!

Compost food waste

Cardboard, paper and food waste can be composted using either a compost bin supplied by your local waste company or make a compost heap in your garden. This prevents the amount of waste heading to landfill and helps ensure that rubbish is disposed of properly.

Buy fruit and vegetables separately 

Ever notice the amount of plastic waste that generates from your food shopping? A lot of supermarkets only provide the option to buy fruit and vegetables in plastic bags, so it may be time to shop for fruit and veg elsewhere! Find a local supermarket or fruit and vegetable store where you can buy them individually and bring a reusable net or cloth bag to carry them.

Look for sustainable alternatives

There are so many household objects that can easily be replaced with a sustainable alternative now. Toothbrushes, clothes pegs, tupperware, the list goes on! We have some ideas on how to reuse your All Real nut butter glass jar, once it's finished.

Support companies doing their bit 

Nowadays, most companies have a social mission and are taking responsibility for looking after the planet. Research brands you currently support and if necessary, find a sustainable alternative. You can still shop while doing your bit!


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