Sep 14, 2022

The All Real Community

Posted by Chad Skerritt

Posted by Chad Skerritt

Born from a love of that unbeatable sense of comradery and togetherness, the All Real community provides the ideal place for like minded people to gather and discuss their adventures, enjoy free live workouts, and gain access to exclusive All Real news and discounts. For two months now, we have held three live workouts a week, suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. Group members have no need to worry about missing a live workout session, they are all posted in the group to enjoy at your pace, and at a time that suits you.

There is so much more to the All Real Community than meets the eye! Not only are our community members the first to hear about new products, new flavours, and sales, they also have access to some amazing All Real recipes. This month, we will host our very first live nutrition Q&A with Evan Lynch, registered dietician and performance nutritionist. This will be a monthly fixture within the community group going forward and is the perfect place to ask all of your nutrition-related questions while saving the cost! Evan is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to nutrition so be sure to check this out…


If live workouts and nutrition chats aren’t really your thing, then not to worry! There’s something for everyone in the All Real community. This month is also the community’s first introduction to Mindfulness & Positive Psychology teacher, Lorraine O Sullivan. Lorraine is a pro in her area and will be joining us monthly for a live mindfulness session to enlighten us all on what exactly mindfulness is, the benefits involved and how to practice mindfulness in our personal lives! So whether you have a lot going on in your personal life, you’re stressed from studying/working, or just want some guidance when it comes to looking after yourself, this is perfect for you. 


If your aim is to meet some like-minded people, broaden your interests or get some encouragement to enjoy the great outdoors, then watch out for any All Real event announcements! Recently, we held an Ocean Dip event followed by hot drinks and of course, All Real bars for afterwards. Not only do events like this help us in our fight to prevent ocean bound plastic, but they are a great way for people from the group to meet each other, have a great chat, and enjoy some All Real Adventures together!

We also encourage group members to post in the group as they please, this group is for YOU to enjoy and make the most of! Share your recent hike, run, cycle. Share your All Real recipes or any recipes you enjoy and think others might like. Tell us about an adventure you’re planning and ask for recommendations. Share a workout PR. Ask our community leaders for workout/nutrition/mindfulness advice. All you have to do is ask! 

What are you waiting for? Sign up today here.

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