Feb 25, 2022

Time To Make Habits And Forget About Resolutions

Posted by Chad Skerritt

Posted by Chad Skerritt

The 1st of January comes around we are all full of good intentions, maybe you started them, maybe you didn’t. I know the 1st of January seem like the perfect time to start fresh but there are another 364 days in the calendar to start fresh, starting fresh is in the mind not in the calendar, so if you are like me and January (and February) hasn't gone to plan, forget about the resolutions and focus on habits. 

Here are some simple ways to make good habits.  

  • Add Something You Want To Start To Something You Already Do. 

You want to include 5 minutes of meditation into your day but can find somewhere to fit it in. So, you already get up in the morning and head downstairs for your morning coffee, you sit and drink it at the kitchen table, this is something you have done for 5+ years of your life, it is a well-established routine in your day. Why not tack on 5 minutes of meditation onto that already established habit. After you are finished your coffee, sit for 5 minutes and meditate. It doesn't have to be meditation, maybe you want to be more organised in your day, so after your morning coffee, write your to-do list for the day. 

Photo by Adam Stefanca on Unsplash


  • The Night Before Can Change Your Morning. 

Remember when you were kids and your parents used to leave your school uniform out for you, ready for the morning. Why not take that habit into adult life. Want to get up and go to the gym early in the morning? Remove one barrier that might be an annoyance or a hindrance, and leave your clothes on a chair the night before. Want to get in the habit of having breakfast before you leave for work? Set the breakfast table the night before. Mornings can be a struggle, so make the most of your evening and before you sit down to watch Netflix in the evening, do one thing that will make you more productive or help you achieve routine in the morning. 

 Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash


  • As Tempting As That Couch Is Don’t Sit On It….Just Yet. 

Want to get into the habit of going to the gym after work, when you come in the door from work, avoid the couch! If possible go upstairs get changed and head straight back out the door to the gym. Even better, if possible bring your gym bag with you to work and go directly from work, then the couch isn't even seen to be temping. 

 Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash


  • Does Everyone Love A Good List Or Is It Just Me? 

A to-do list, a shopping list, whatever the list, it can keep you accountable for what needs to be done that day. Having a weekly shopping list, will not only keep the costs down but it is a great way to forward plan your meals for the week. 

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash


Building good habits into your day sets you up for having a successful day. A couple of successful days in a row will build good habits which leads to a good routine. 

By Bec Hoban 

Content and Community Manager

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