Jun 29, 2021

What is the best source of natural protein?

Posted by Niall Harty

Posted by Niall Harty

Let’s talk about natural proteins. 

We all know that protein is important for a healthy balanced diet. Whether you’re training for a marathon or just living your busy day-to-day life, our bodies need protein to grow, maintain and strengthen muscle tissue, aid digestion, produce energy, help form antibodies to fight infection, transport and store nutrients, and more. The need for protein in our diets is clear.

Of course, the amount of protein each of us needs depends on how much energy we expend, our age, and our general health. And with all the protein bars, powders, and gels available, it can be hard to know which sources of protein to choose.

At All Real, we believe in the power of nature, and natural ingredients’ benefits for your body. Most protein powders and many protein bars are full of added artificial sweeteners which come with a European Food Safety Authority warning because they cause laxative effects, which, last time we checked were not part of a healthy diet.

That’s why our protein bars are made of 12 or less natural ingredients, and use Irish Grass-fed milk proteins and slow roasted nuts and legumes to provide the protein your body needs.

Milk proteins are high-quality proteins that have been shown to help with weight maintenance, satiety (keeps you fuller for longer!) Each of our protein bars contains both 20 grams of protein and more than 3 grams of Leucine (an essential amino acid) they are an ideal food to stimulate muscle protein synthesis (to build or repair muscles after exercise).

 Nuts like almonds, peanuts, cashews, and hazelnuts, are some of the best sources of natural protein and are also sources of healthy fats, which keep you fuller for longer. They’re full of nutrients, loaded with antioxidants, and high in fibre, among other benefits. 

That’s why All Real protein bars are the perfect choice for a post-gym refuel, afternoon pick me up, or a grab-and-go breakfast for mornings when you just can’t find the time.

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We make our protein bars with 12 or less simple natural ingredients.

We mix our Milk Protein blend with a mixture of nut pieces and freshly ground nut butter, then add it to a blend of honey, chicory, dates, sea salt and natural flavouring.

“The best protein bars on the go! Healthy, tasty and so reliable!”

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