Harness The Power Of Nature.

All Real to us means a short list of ingredients derived from natural and whole foods. Balancing nature with leading food science gives premium products and nutritional profiles that your mouth and body will love.

Milk Protein

A blend of Irish Grass-fed Milk Protein Powder and 100% Milk Protein Crispies


A delicious and natural form of sweetness, our dates a great source of potassium and antioxidants, while also making a great binder for our bars


All Real products contain a variety of slow-roasted nuts and legumes, such as Almonds, Peanuts, Cashews and Hazelnuts

Chicory Root Fibre

Extracted from the Chicory Root plant, our fibre syrup adds a delicate sweetness to our products while also providing them with plenty of gut healthy prebiotic fibre.


We use a mixture of cocoa powder and pure belgian cocoa mass pieces in our products, which delivers a decadent flavour profile, without the sugar spike.

Irish Atlantic Sea Salt

We use a natural flaky Sea Salt which is harvested from the rugged Irish coast in the Beara peninsula in Co. Cork.

Natural Flavourings

Natural flavourings bring natural variations in taste and texture. Our flavourings help consistency and boost the amazing flavour profiles and aromas from our products.

We make our protein bars with 12 or less simple natural ingredients. We mix our Milk Protein blend with a mixture of nut pieces and freshly ground nut butter, then add it to a blend of honey, chicory, dates, sea salt and natural flavouring.

All Real Protein Nut Butter coming soon...


All our products contain the following allergens: Milk, Legumes and Tree Nuts.