Jun 13, 2022

Chicory root: The health benefits

Posted by Chad Skerritt

Posted by Chad Skerritt

Chicory root: The Health Benefits
You may have heard of chicory root before, you’ll definitely have heard of it if you’ve read the ingredients list on any of our products! Here at All Real, we use chicory root in our protein bars and in our brand new nut butters to bind the protein with the other ingredients while adding a touch of natural sweetness! It also increases the fibre content of our products, but more about that later….
What is chicory root?
Chicory root is golden coloured syrup-like ingredient that comes from the chicory plant or Cichorium intybus. It’s a blue flowering plant and a member of the dandelion family, and primarily grows across North America and parts of Europe. Chicory root is filled with nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, soluble fiber, carbohydrates, and much more. 
The benefits: 
  • Improves gut health: Chicory root contains fibre inulin which acts as a prebiotic. This means that it feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut, helping to reduce inflammation, fight harmful bacteria, and improve mineral absorption 
  • Healthy digestion: Due to its inulin content of chicory root, it may aid healthy digestion, i.e. relieves constipation and helps with regular digestion (if you know what I mean)
  • Blood sugar control: Chicory root fiber may boost blood sugar control, especially in people with diabetes. This may be due to its inulin, which promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria involved in carbohydrate metabolism. 
  • Easy to add to your diet: Chicory root can be used in home cooking and some specialty shops or your local grocery shop carry chicory root, which is often boiled and eaten as a vegetable. Otherwise, you can stick to your old reliable, All Real protein bars and nut butters!

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