A huge thanks to Jane Harrington, Eimear Devane, Jane Buckley & Holly Deakin who are currently studying Marketing in Cork Institute of Technology. As part of a project for their second year Sponsorship module, the girls came up with a new and innovative sponsorship idea for Cork athletes & included our bars in their promo video!  

Jane explained to us how they created the video and how their presentation went....

"There were two parts to the project, a report and a presentation. To make our presentation stand out and further convince cork athletics, we decided to make a short promo video which turned out to be a success. Mark Lingwood, a lifestyle vlogger was the man we chose to take part in our video. The amazing man behind the camera that caught every shot is Shane Lyne, one of the best videographers we’ve come across! We spent around an hour in total directing and shooting the video in the CIT athletics grounds last Wednesday and presented the 5 minute pitch last Tuesday on the 9th of April. Safe to say everyone was very impressed, and we were absolutely delighted with how it went! Myself, Eimear, Holly and Jane Buckley couldn’t have done this without Mark, Shane and of course our lecturer Stephan! He’s the one that drove us to work so hard and make this the best it could be!

We’re delighted and that you enjoyed watching our video and for sharing it on your Instagram page! It’s so rewarding to see some of our hard work getting a bit of notice, especially when we’re only into our second year of Marketing!"
Thanks again girls! 
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